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who wouldn't want their smile to be beautiful. well now, it's easier — and quicker — than ever before.
thanks to the white solution.
A lovely white smile can be achieved right there in your own home. After an initial consultation with your dentist, you'll be able to take home a convenient, effective and entirely safe home bleaching kit. Carefully chosen for your own teeth, this kit:

– Can lighten teeth by up to 13    shades
– Offers visible results after a    few overnight treatments
– Completely safe and painfree
– Brings back any veneers    and crowns to their original    colour

You simply decide what shade you want to achieve. You're in complete control.
Let your dentist get that dazzling smile for you. Once the bleaching formula has been applied to your teeth, a laser light acts as a catalyst, activating the gel to create the smile you’ve always wanted.
This technique:

– Can lighten teeth by up to 13    shades (when used with    maintenance)
– Offers visible results in just    one hour
– Is completely safe, with    minimum discomfort
– Not recommended for those    with artificial dental work
A beautiful set of white teeth can soon be yours – and whether you decide on home or surgery bleaching, you’ll achieve the same dazzling results. To keep your smile looking its absolute best, we’d recommend The White Solution’s range of maintenance packs. Simple to use, each kit is designed for use after either home or surgery bleaching.

Extensive scientific research has determined that bleaching does not alter the tooth structure or adversely affect the teeth in any way.

For further information regarding The White Solution products and treatment, consult your dentist.